Almost all of us have a strength of spirit that may not be apparent to us until we need it. Recently, I had the privilege of listening to a young woman share her story of patience, perseverance, resilience and gratitude all related to her diagnosis of breast cancer years before she could receive proper medical treatment. She demonstrated that strength of spirit and fortunately is doing well today.

A diagnosis of a terminal disease or a chronic condition that affects quality of life will trigger reactions of grief. Feelings of grief are normal with any change in one’s life. How much more so than with such a challenging diagnosis!

However, one needn’t stay stuck with those overwhelming feelings. Face them, experience them, and then take action. 

  1. Acquire new coping skills
  2. Seek Professional support
  3. Balance your life with exercise and relaxation
  4. Build a strong support network
  5. Ask for help
  6. Pray
  7. Use the Power of Hope

You too may find that strength of spirit.

– Harriet