I've often said to my clients, "One cannot look ahead to the NEW unless we let go of the OLD."

"Good Riddance Day" is a tradition in NYC prior to New Year's Eve when a giant sized shredder is placed in Times Square for anyone who wishes to rid themselves of any negativity from the past year. It might be a written message or a tangible item which symbolizes one's negative memory or experience. And what happens to that shredded paper? It becomes part of the confetti used in the New Year's Eve celebration. How cool is that!

But why wait until next December. Write down your feelings, memories, people or habits that you want to eliminate from your life or acknowledge an accomplishment that helped you get rid of a negative habit.

I can't emphasize enough how helpful these rituals can be in helping one to heal and grow. It is an opportunity to "take control" of negativity in your life.

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– Harriet