Having counseled many children from ages 2 1/2 to 18 individually and in age appropriate bereavement groups (5-8)(9-12)(13-18) both in hospice and private practice, I've chosen to recognize "Children's Grief Awareness Day" to be celebrated November 16. It was begun in 2008 to honor the "forgotten mourners". It's mission is to "raise awareness of the impact of death on children and teens, and to increase the understanding of what can be done to support them".

Here's what you can do:

1- Go to Facebook "Children's Grief Awareness Day" Check it out, learn and "LIKE" the site.

2- Google "Talk to Children about Terrorism" on the "National 9/11 Museum" site

3- YouTube books and videos for children's and teen grief which can be downloaded, specifically,

WHEN SOMEONE YOU KNOW DIES, a workbook I used and highly recommend for children 5-12

                               and a favorite.....

LOVE YOU FOREVER, a book given to me by a nine year old granddaughter of a hospice patient back in 1989. I have subsequently gifted copies to my adult sons and have sung the "message" to my grandchildren.

LOVE YOU FOREVER and Leo Buscaglia's THE FALL OF FREDDIE THE LEAF help children and adults look at death realistically; as part of life.