Congressman Brian Mast of the 18th district of Florida sent an email in recognition of Memorial Day. I quote a passage from his message, “Putting on the uniform is something very few Americans get to experience. But for those who do, it is a life-changing experience. Serving in the military is a commitment to a greater cause, defending our freedom and keeping our country safe.

I’ve always tried to teach my kids about what this service means and about the sacrifice made by many so that they can live free. Part of that is showing them that on Memorial Day tears are not weakness. Those tears represent strength because it is emotion for each person who gave the last beat of their heart to defend our freedom.”

I have always encouraged my clients to EMBRACE their feelings when traveling the journey of grief.

And Brian Mast concludes his email with “So, today, as we gather for Memorial Day, please show emotion for those who have fallen and say thank you to all those who have served and sacrificed.”

Take a moment to reflect and honor all those who have helped to keep our country safe and free.