“Summer time and the living’ is easy…” But the sun is strong and the heat is high and we are constantly reminded to hydrate and use sun protection with hats and sunscreen. Death knows no season. Grief is challenging at best, whether during summer, fall, winter or spring. There are many bereaved people out there this summer who might benefit from suggestions for SELF CARE; things one can do to support the body and mind while traveling the “journey of grief”.

S - Say NO when you don’t want to do something

E - Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water

L - Love yourself and be compassionate to yourself

F - Follow your instincts

C - Call a friend or professional to share feelings

A - Activity like exercise, swimming and walking

R - Relax your mind with prayer or meditation

E - Express your feelings with music, art or writing

More information about self care in general can be found at “”

Stay cool…………….