As the world views the devastation and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and surrounding coastal cities, there are thousands who are reliving the memory of Hurricane Katrina  in late August 2005. Thousands fled New Orleans 12 years ago to settle in Houston, Texas and they are reliving that event and their emotions. A quote in today's Wall Street Journal reads, "It's like losing your mind over again."

Yesterday I commemorated the 12th anniversary of the death of my husband, Jerry. I too have memory - naturally some sad - fortunately many "glad". 

We all have our memories; some clear and sharp and some faded and "far away". Sometimes memory is merely an impression of what really occurred. 

I hope and pray that all those affected by Hurricane Harvey will come through their traumatic experiences and be able to live the lyrics to "Memory" from the Broadway musical "Cats". 

"I must wait for the sunrise - I must think of a new life - And I mustn't give in - When the dawn comes - Tonight will be a memory too - And a new day will begin"