While writing her book, LIVING BETTER, Eda Leshan met an oceanographer who had asked her if she knew how a lobster was able to grow with its hard shell. He explained that the lobster had to look for a safe place periodically to rest while it shed its shell and wait for a new one to form and grow. During this process the lobster is vulnerable to currents and predators. In essence the lobster risks its life in order to grow.

Humans are vulnerable too for all kinds of reasons, especially when we are stressed or bored. But we have the choice to continue our life as is (stay "safe" and "stuffed" in our old shells) or have the courage to become vulnerable as we take risks in embracing new experiences and challenges.

The recent solar eclipse and the coming Jewish New Year 5778 create opportune times for each of us to shed our old hard and smothering shells and ready ourselves for personal change and growth. I wish you the courage to do so.

See and hear Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski on YouTube teaching "HOW DO LOBSTERS GROW?"

– Harriet